Creative Track

Artists represent the culture now taking root within the decentralized web. The Creative Track, co-organized by Mindy Seu and Sam Hart, provides a venue for artists to work with technologists to imagine what a decentralized web should look like as this ecosystem begins to take shape.

The emergence of experimental art practices have a close historical relationship with new forms of media distribution and translation technology that prefigure a more decentralized and equitable society. Historically, net art, media art, artist magazines, and mail art arose from the creative communities that formed around their respective distribution systems. We now explore decentralized protocols as a new medium for artmaking. This program includes installations and workshops that explore the affordances of decentralized protocols and invite viewers to play with these systems and open a wider dialogue about their future.


Top image:

Future Proof, Taeyoon Choi and Christine Sun Kim, SeMA Biennale Mediacity Seoul, 2016


Middle image:

Theodor Nelson, Literary Machines, Ch. Zero: "Hyperworld", 1980


Bottom image:

Distributed Web of Care, Taeyoon Choi, 2018


Sam Hart
Founding member,, Guild, New Computers, Cybernetics Library

Sam Hart is a scientist, curator and editor working across computational biology and distributed publishing.


Mindy Seu
Internet Archive Fellow, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Mindy Seu is currently a student in Harvard's Graduate School of Design, summer fellow at Internet Archive, and incoming fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for the Internet and Society. / twitter