Data Stewardship on the Decentralized Web

Libraries and archives alongside grassroots initiatives are decentralizing data stewardship in order to address ongoing sharing, access, and vulnerability issues facing scientific data. Starting with a brief discussion of different approaches from members of IPFS, Dat project, <>, and Environmental Data & Governance Initiative (EDGI), this panel and discussion will unpack the distinct perspectives around issues surrounding current data stewardship challenges on existing internet infrastructure. 

After this brief panel, the session will move into a conversation based on the different perspectives each project is bringing, starting from recent initiatives from Internet Archive, Dat, and Data Together. Through discussion, participants will guide conversation on how to help frame opportunities for future efforts.

Danielle Robinson
Co-Executive Director, Code for Science & Society

Danielle Robinson is Co-Executive Director of Code for Science & Society, where she works to open create inclusive public access to information through decentralized technologies. She completed a PhD in Neuroscience at Oregon Health & Science University in 2016. She was a 2016 Mozilla Fellow for Science, where she ran in Working Open Workshops around the world and explored decentralized data archiving as a DataRescue strategy.



Videos from the summit:

Dawn Walker
Environmental Data & Governance Initiative

Dawn Walker is a PhD student at the University of Toronto focused on participatory design tactics for grassroots environmental monitoring civic technologies. Based in Toronto, she has organized workshops on mesh networking and decentralized technologies with Toronto Mesh. As a member of EDGI and Data Together, she imagines possibilities for more just and resilient environmental and climate data.


Videos from the summit: