Distributed Gardens at the Decentralized Internet Archive

The Decentralized Internet Archive is a site-specific installation designed to exhibit the technical and creative output from the 2018 Decentralized Web Summit, while showcasing our ongoing collaboration with Protocol Labs to move the world’s knowledge onto the decentralized web.

Distributed Gardens is a peer-to-peer knowledge ecosystem that animates the documentation of the Decentralized Web Summit. You are invited to use your badge at Gardening Kiosks where you can collect and exchange data seeds representing documents collected from summit workshops and the collections of the Internet Archive. Visit the Greenhouse in the Ore Room to watch the connections grow, and explore the distribution and migration of data as we collectively archive the Summit within the distributed web for everyone to share.

Server Gardens is built around the Decentralized Internet Archive, a distributed knowledge layer for the Summit that serves as an information dispersal system using IPFS.


The Decentralized Internet Archive will be implemented by the Internet Archive’s Open Library Team as well as the Cybernetics Library, an artist research collective that facilitates unexpected connections between art, technology, and society. This project is made possible by Protocol Labs.


Image: Lovely Weather For Children album cover, by DR

Sam Hart
Founding member, Avant.org, Guild, New Computers, Cybernetics Library

Sam Hart is a scientist, curator and editor working across computational biology and distributed publishing.


Arkadiy Kukarkin
Project Manager, Protocol Labs

Arkadiy's work focuses on creating sustainable communities around media consumption and creation. He is currently a PM with Protocol Labs, and collaborating with the Internet Archive. Previously, he was the CTO at Mediachain Labs (acquired by Spotify in spring 2017) and worked on The Hype Machine, an influential music blog aggregator.


Videos from the summit:

Mitra Ardron
Lead on Decentralized Web Project, Internet Archive

Mitra Ardron is the technical lead for the decentralization work at the Internet Archive. Apart from building a decentralized version of the archive he is interested in how we can build tools that can work across different decentralized architectures, and has built small libraries for naming and authentication.   Prior to the Archive, He co-founded the Association for Progressive Communications (apc.org), co-authored several internet standards, and was CTO on the first peer to peer video sharing system (which pioneered sharding and content addressing).  His passions include renewable energy (ran solar payment networks across Africa); and mentoring innovators working to make the world a better place. 


Videos from the summit:

Mek Karpeles
Software Engineer, Internet Archive/Open Library

(@mekarpeles on GitHub) is a software engineer and citizen of the world dedicated to curating a living map of the universe's knowledge. His philosophies on open access and semantic knowledge systems can be explored at https://michaelkarpeles.com.




Mindy Seu
Internet Archive Fellow, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Mindy Seu is currently a student in Harvard's Graduate School of Design, summer fellow at Internet Archive, and incoming fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for the Internet and Society.

mindyseu.com / twitter


Callil Capuozzo
Designer, General Trademark

Callil Capuozzo is a designer at General Trademark, an educator at the School of Visual Arts and a researcher at New Computer Working Group. He is interested in building creative tools through collaboration with artists, scientists and engineers.


Melanie Hoff
Artist, researcher, and educator, Cybernetics Library, Rutgers University, School for Poetic Computation

Melanie Hoff is an artist, researcher, and educator examining the poetics and politics of culturally embedded software. Hoff builds computational and social installations to study how platforms and processes — including algorithms, data collection, language, networks, and ritual — yield distinct modes of seeing, thinking, and feeling. She engages technology as both a cultural and ideological framework to contextualize social organization and question the ways existing systems of power are reinforced. Hoff has worked as a machinist, artist, and she teaches at Rutgers University Mason Gross School of the Arts and the School for Poetic Computation.


Dan Taeyoung
Designer, Teacher, Columbia University GSAPP

Dan Taeyoung dreams of, and builds, infrastructures for care, cybernetic architecture, ethical pedagogy, and warm cooperatives. He is interested in the intersection of architecture, technology, and cooperative community. 

He teaches on architectural representation and experimental design tools as an adjunct professor at Columbia University GSAPP. He is a founding member of Prime Produce, a non-profit member cooperative for social good, a member of NYC REIC, an activist/anti-displacement real estate cooperative working to create community land trusts and permanently affordable commercial space, and a founding member of Soft Surplus, an intentional learning collective based in Brooklyn, NY.