Puzzling Paintings

Hanging on the walls of the San Francisco Mint are six special paintings - collaborative works by famed cryptographer and puzzle master, Ryan Clarke (LoSTBoy), and international lowbrow contemporary artist, Mar Williams.

These paintings hold pieces of a puzzle with multiple answers, each more devious and difficult than the last. We invite you to spend some time in front of these artworks, scattered throughout the building, and tease out the various answers to each puzzle. The winners will be chosen from those with the correct answers for each level.  Your prize?  Our friends from OmiseGO, ZCash, and Ethereum are offering up tokens....to be donated by you to the charities of your choice. The Internet Archive will help your favorite cause learn how to accept donations in cryptocurrencies. Win-Win-Win?  We think so!

Want to bring home a piece of the experience? All works will be for sale via silent auction. 50% of art sales will donated to the Internet Archive.

Desperately need a clue?  Look for the man in the top hat!  This puzzle is hosted by your Devious Gallery Guide, Jason Scott of Internet Archive (Textfiles).

Puzzle designed by Ryan Clarke (LoSTBoy)
Paintings by Mar Williams (ihate.art)

Jason Scott
Free-Range Archivist & Software Curator, Internet Archive

Jason Scott fills the singularly unique role as the Free-Range Archivist & Software Curator at the Internet Archive. He likes long walks on the beach and exploding paradigms. He is attempting to collect everything, at which point he will retire and make folder tags.


Videos from the summit: